"Ghost Pipe" Flower Essence by Moon by Moon Apothecary

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) ( flower & plant essence descriptions : 2019 ) (

original writings by chanelle a. bergeron moon by moon apothecary

∞ ghostpipe (Monotropa uniflora)

made beside knights pond in northport/me under a full moon in aquarius on 10.august, 2014. this essence is specific for "phantom" pains & losses ~ for when something either spiritual, emotional, or physical has been taken away from you, but its presence remains. a wonderful remedy for those who have gone through any kind of surgery, amputation, miscarriage, abortion, or withdrawal from drugs/alcohol. additionally, it is extremely helpful for those who have lost a friend, lover, or family member yet still feel that person is there. it can help to ease the pangs of missing what was lost/removed. helps us learn to live in the present, without distraction, in the body as it is here & now; to adjust to life without a “crutch”

a recommended dosage is 1-3 drops at a time --- essences are meant to be taken in low-doses

essences may be taken internally or used externally: play around with them, because of their intuitive nature, most people find the best way to use them is by experimenting

please note: essences are *not* essential oils or perfumes. instead, these are water & brandy-based, energetic preparations

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