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"Jupiter" Perfume by Elspeth's Airs 1 oz.

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Remember that you are limitless…

For expansion, celebration and embodiment

Key Notes: Woods, juniper berries, spices & an orange medley

Ingredients: Grain alcohol & essential oils

Jupiter embodies expansiveness, generosity and celebration! Rich and light, with deep, supportive base notes of Cedarwood and Sandalwood, exuberant spices like Nutmeg and Clove, the woody-green of Juniper berries and leaves, and a juicy mélange of sweet orange, bitter orange, bergamot & tangerine.

This blend calls us to explore all avenues, to open up, to be fully present in our bodies, to give into the moment and to connect. Dance and imagine!

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Read more about Elspeth's Airs here.

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