"Nuance" Perfume by Elspeth's Airs 1 oz.

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Remember that you are multifaceted…

For allowing space for all your sides

Key Notes: Fir balsam, amber, spices & green notes

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, essential oils, absolutes & tinctures

While Nuance speaks loudly of Fir Balsam, which is at once sweet & green & woodsy, it is made whole by many shades of diverse aromas: green notes of homemade Shiso tincture (gardened locally), Cypress & Thyme, the sweetness of Vanilla, Amber & Peru Balsam, the spice of Cardamom, Clove & Ginger. Jasmine whispers and Orris Root imparts a slight powdery note.

Like the friend that inspired this composition, Nuance is strong and sweet, deep and complex, sensual and, yes, quite nuanced.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Read more about Elspeth's Airs here.

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