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Pick 5 Liquid Extract Blends 1 oz.

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Pick 5 of any of our Maypop Extract Blends! Get 15% off the price of buying them individually.

Blend Choices: 2 Legit to Not Quit (smoking cessation support), A Few Too Many (hangover relief), Ain't Time to Get Sick (immune support), Aller-Geeze (allergy relief), Blues Chaser (heart ease tonic), Cool Off (hot flash support), Cramp Ease (menstrual cramp support), Digestive Cordial (gastric soother), Love Your Libido (prostate support), Lung Support for Dry Cough, Lung Support for Wet Cough, Make Ya Holler (soothing throat spray), Mind Mender (brain tonic), Replenisher (deep immune support), Sore Subject (muscle pain formula), St. Coffee Tonic (adrenal support), Stress Less (nervous system restoration blend), Sweet Slumber (sleep support)

Suggested Combos:

Holiday Helpers: Blues Chaser, Digestive Cordial, A Few Too Many, 2 Legit 2 Not Quit, Stress Less

Immune Support: Ain’t Time to Get Sick, Replenisher, Lung Support for Dry Cough, Lung Support for Wet Cough, Aller-Geeze, Make Ya Holler

Nervous System & Emotional Support: Stress Less, Sweet Slumber, Blues Chaser

Generative Health & Wellness: Love Your Libido, Cool Off, Cramp Ease

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