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"Nascent Spring" Perfume by Elspeth's Airs 1 oz.

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Remember that you are unfolding…

For lingering in the space of emergence

Key Notes: Oakmoss, violet leaf, jasmine, coffee blossom, white lotus

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, essential oils, absolutes & tinctures

The Earth is just beginning to awaken after her annual slumber. Much has been happening underneath the surface during this deep rest, but now these signs of growth begin to emerge. The cool smell of deep, green Violet leaves mingles with the pleasant muskiness of Oakmoss, while just a hint of Jasmine arises to prepare our senses for the sweet flowers that will soon pop. Coffee Blossoms echo the energy of waking up. Pink Grapefruit contributes an initial brightness, a harbinger of renewal.

Originally made in early Spring, under a barely waxing moon, Nascent Spring reminds us to take our time, stretch, and enjoy the unfolding.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Read more about Elspeth's Airs here.

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